24 May 2010

Talent: Use it or Lose it

A lovely post on lettersofnote.com

"Still feeling the strain following his hugely successful solo album debut three years previous, George Michael told the LA Times' Calendar Magazine in September of 1990 that he would be shunning the limelight prior to, and during, the decidedly low-key release of his new album, Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1; specifically there were to be very few interviews, no promotional music videos, and no tour. Many fans were understandably displeased with his approach, but the reaction of one person in particular will forever stand out.

The text of the following letter - written by Mr. Frank Sinatra - appeared in the same magazine the next week."

I've just realised (again) that there are no bad agencies, no bad accounts/brands, no bad clients, and no bad work. There are just agencies, accounts/brands, clients and work. 'Good' and 'bad' are what we make out of it.

Thanks Frank.

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