31 Oct 2011

Welcome to Empire 2.0

The European debt crisis is all but over!

Here's how... The G20 is being asked to finance the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which will finance the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), which in turn will finance the governments that will take over the debts of the too-big-to-fail European banks that have lent to Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Greece (PIIGs) by buying their bonds. And if all else fails, the US Federal Reserve's private bankers are already sitting with their collective fingers on the 'Print' button.

And when the chaos peaks, they'll declare a 'World Government' and 'World Central Bank' with the power to 'Reset' the entire system. Ordo ab Chao (or, Order from Chaos) indeed!

This is no idle hypothesis...

We know for a fact that the Vatican has been advocating the idea for years. The IMF already has a little-known 'World Currency' called Special Drawing Rights (SDRs). The EU leadership is actively discussing 'Global Governanace' within the G20.

In fact, in the Joint letter of the European Commission President and European Council President to the G20 they say that they are aiming for 'ambitious outcomes' in 'eight priorities' they've set for the G20 Summit at Cannes (France) on 3-4 Nov 2011. Priority No. 8 states simply: "Improving global governance. Finally, we look forward to discussing the report on global governance by Prime Minister David Cameron."

And what might be the shape of this global hegemony?

Well, the financial aspects have been worked out, where else, but in Europe - for a 'permanent rescue funding programme' called the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).


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