12 Nov 2011

What does the Zeitgeist Movement have in common with the Vatican?

Can a stupid idea be contagious?

While I admit the film by the Zeitgeist Movement was a real eye-opener for me, the so-called Resource-based System called for by Peter Joseph feels extremely ominous now that (I believe) I know better.

"We have a resource-based economic model. It's a 'ground-up' approach to resource management. And we make everything as efficient and productive as possible - technically! No monetary evaluation, no monetary association - because all that does is interfere (and cause more problems)."

Nice. But perfectionist, techno-utopian societies have been expounded before. Take Alduos Huxley's Brave new World from 1931.

And more recently, a benevolent One World Government based on themes such as "self interest must become social interest" and "common values in a global community" is being propagated by lumineries of selfless service like the Vatican and the European Union.

All that is left is to 're-define' the IMF's Special Drawing Rights (SDR) as a sort of non-monetary entitlement based on one's "use to society". They won't even have to change its name!

Peter claims to have "worked at Wall Street and Advertising - two of the most meaningless occupations on the planet"... Then he should know better, in my opinion.

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