29 Oct 2011

A love story gone horribly wrong... Episode 2

In the first episode of "A love story gone horribly wrong", the torid East-meets-West-meets-East love triangle between the little-blue-pill popping Western oil speculator; the unpredictably fiesty Himalayan lass; and her dangerously capricious toy boy end in an unsavoury break-up.

The spotlight almost immediately falls on the homely doe-eyed girl-next-door, and the neighbourhood's sweatshop-running badboy.

But like any good Mills & Boon-inspired soap opera, there's an utterly gratuitous, inexplicable, and rather violent (thankfully, metaphorical) twist in the plot!

In Episode 2... The former toy boy confesses that he still has "feelings" for the mountain lassie - and that he'd defend his ex-amour if the old Yank ever laid a hand on her!

The old man is shattered! The timid one retreats, speachless at the betrayal. (Toy boy had been courting her just days ago!) ...And what will the surly badboy do when he gets back from an extended shopping trip at a 'clearance sale' in Southern Europe, laden with counterfeit designer stuff for his lady love - only to find his new gf snuggling up to her ex-bf?

Nail-biting stuff, this...

Stay tuned for Episode 3! Coming to a geopolitical theatre near you. (Well, provided you're somewhere near South Asia.)

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Episode 3! The characters are also so vivid. And the imagination so nubile. Keep going. And don't give away the irony yet.